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If you have experienced trauma, you have been hurt. Trauma can damage your ability to cope over the short, medium, or longterm.

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Like trauma, loss is a part of life. Though painful, grief takes a natural course and eventually heals.

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Friendships, family, and intimacy can all be impacted by trauma and loss.
Relationships can be supportive or destructive.

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Whether your life and relationships are disrupted by trauma or loss, trying to cope on your own can be hard.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Dawson. How can I help you?

dawson-newimgI look forward to meeting you and helping you to clarify the “new normal” in your life. With psychological counselling, you can turn losses into gains. You can get a clearer picture of the patterns which get you stuck.

Do you want to get out more and connect with people?

Are you wanting fulfillment, happiness, and calm in your life?

Are you interested in recapturing feelings of intimacy?

You can learn psychological ways to get unstuck. In psychological counselling, you can apply coping strategies to your life, be it in your relationships, your work, or your personal healing. This can empower you to reach your goals and yield a greater sense of contentment.

Dawson Psychological Services provides counselling for trauma and loss in face-to-face sessions for individuals or couples. Dawson Psychological Services also provides secure online video conferencing for those in rural areas. Or for those who are holed up at home.




Psychological counselling can help you gain:

  • Improved awareness of trauma and loss
  • Better coping strategies to get unstuck and empower you to reach your goals
  • Time devoted to deciding the direction of your life
  • Recommendations for how to handle relationships, rehab, or return to work

Dawson Psychological Services accepts self-referrals for counselling. We also accept payments from a variety of agencies including Blue Cross, ICBC, WorkSafeBC, and Criminal Victims Assistance.

Treatment Approaches

Dr. Dawson devotes himself to providing a caring approach centred around YOU. Whether you have suffered trauma, loss, or trouble in your relationships, Dr. Dawson gets it. His 17 years of psychological counselling experience combined with having lived through these issues in his own life help him to understand what you are going through.

After booking your first appointment, you don’t have to wait. You are invited to go through a set of questions specifically designed to get you thinking about what brought you to this point in your life.  You will be given the opportunity to begin looking at patterns in which you are stuck and this will help your core motivations to become a psychologically healthier person come to the surface. You will also be asked to respond to questions that can measure what your hopes are for psychological counselling. Your responses will help you set a course towards your psychological healing.

In your first appointment, Dr. Dawson will discuss your responses with you and will ask you some clarifying questions that will yield a mutual understanding of your treatment goals. Based on these goals, you will have the opportunity to discuss how long a course of psychotherapy might take and what the healing activities could be during your future sessions.

Dr. Dawson can provide you with access to a toolkit of resources found on the client-friendly website of Dawson Psychological Services. Dr. Dawson is trained and familiar with cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT), narrative and family systems approaches, emotion-focused therapy, and approaches to treating trauma such as EMDR and mindfulness. At Dawson Psychological Services, your psychological health matters.