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Build the New YOU

Bring the Changes you Want into the World!

To recruit your brain’s resources and build the new You –

Who are you caring for? – Self-assess Caring for Yourself

How is your intimate partnership? – Self-assess Caring for Your Spouse

How are your supports? – Self-assess Caring for Your Family and Friends

Why Now? – Self-assess your Purpose and Values

For your convenience, all your assessment results except Values in Action will be transmitted automatically to Dr. Dawson.

Dawson Psychological Services

Dr. K.A. Dawson


347 Leon Ave

Suite 210

Kelowna, BC V1y8c7 Canada


Wondering whether you can afford to pay?

Most working folks have extended health benefits through their company. Contact your employer or your human resources department to find out what your benefit package will cover.

Dr. Dawson is registered through the Provincial Crime Victim's Assistance Program to provide counselling for those who are experiencing losses or ongoing emotional trauma associated with a crime. If you have been a victim of a crime, contact your local RCMP Victim's Assistance program to get a claim number. Then make an appointment to see Dr. Dawson.

Dr. Dawson is registered as a provider of mental health services through ICBC to provide counselling to those who are experiencing emotional trauma or losses associated with a motor vehicle accident. If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, ask your physician to refer you to see Dr. Dawson. Make sure you have an ICBC claim number when you call for an appointment.