Hi, I’m Dr. Dawson. How can I help you?

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to clarify the “new normal” in your life. In psychological counselling, exploring deeply personal questions can clarify patterns in which you feel stuck in a cycle of suffering that seems like it will never end. Such questions include:

Are you feeling alienated, disconnected from yourself or others?

Do you know the purpose of the grief and trauma you carry?

Are you wanting fulfillment, contentment, and calm in your life?

Are you seeking a new, creative direction?

What do your dreams say about where your life is headed? 

What does your body tell you when you are quiet?

Are you yearning to understand who you are? 

Such questions can gift you with the opportunity to:

**Slow down and reflect**

**Attune to your inner wisdom**

**Get in touch with the healer within that whispers wisdom**

**Deepen your awareness of healing messages emerging behind the scenes**

If you join Dr. Dawson to explore these questions, you 

Engaging in science-based, animal-assisted, and spiritually-informed therapeutic conversations

Uncovering the meaning in what gets you stuck

Exploring ways to move beyond the patterns of the past

Integrating practices that harness your unique, creative energy

Seeking and finding authentic meaning in your life

Psychological counselling can help you gain:

Improved awareness of trauma and loss

Better ways to cope with that stuck feeling and empowerment to mold a new future

Time devoted to deciding the direction of your life

If you are living in Victoria, British Columbia, you are encouraged to experience Dr. Dawson’s services in-person.

To book an appointment, email [email protected] or call (855) 782-6583 and start your journey towards a healthier life..

To meet me,  check out this 20-second  video: 

Welcome to Dawson Psychological Services! 

For more  information about my treatment approaches, read my approach page, individual therapy page, and my blog.

To book an appointment, email Dr. Dawson at [email protected] or call (855) 782-6583 and start your journey towards a healthier life.





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