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Working Through and Overcoming Trauma

In these videos (Part I & Part II), Dr. Dawson talks about

  • What trauma is,
  • The difference between stress and trauma,
  • Traumatization and PTSD,
  • Ways of coping with and treating traumatization, and
  • The chances of recovery from traumatization and PTSD.

Dr. Dawson overviews different modes of treatment for traumatization. He has been practicing all of these treatments for 18 years. The treatments are:

  1. Cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT), 
  2. EMDR, and 
  3. Mindfulness approaches to treatment.

Dr. Dawson gave the trauma presentation as part of BC Psychological Association’s Psychology Month, February, 2017.

Here is the powerpoint presentation about Overcoming Trauma and here are the video links to the presentation: Part I & Part II are each about 30 minutes long. To optimize viewing, change the size of the two windows so you can see both the powerpoint and the video at the same time. Consider using headphones or earbuds to optimize sound.

Fact Sheets on Trauma

Canadian Psychological Association Fact sheet about PTSD.

BC Psychological Association Fact-sheet about Posttraumatic Stress  

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