Psychological Health tips

To make changes you want in your life takes guts! It means taking a risk that life will never be the same. The second you dive in is the same moment anything or everything could change. Now, are you going to leave that change to the natural course of time? Or do your want to play an active role in guiding how your life gets lived? Surely, natural changes are going to happen to you, and you still have a say in how you want to live your life. Okay, you're probably wondering how to take control of your life. How do you make sure the changes you want to make are those you are going to get. What I'm going to suggest might sound simple. All you need is a roadmap. That's what I provide in this website, for free! 

To be honest, it's not that simple. As Socrates said, "An unexamined life is not worth living." In other words, to begin making changes on the map of your life, you must see your life as worth taking a look at. That is the first step to making the changes you desire in your life. This is the way to learn from what you have accomplished and how you have related to yourself, others, and the world. Take a caring look at your life. 

Question yourself and write your answers down. Or draw them out. Look at the photos you have taken throughout your life. Ask yourself what they mean to you. What kind of person are you? Are you as loving and kind to others as you would like to be? Are you prepared to get vulnerable and admit your strengths as well as your weaknesses, if only to yourself? What does it take to admit who you are to others? Have you lived true to your values? What you have done with your life that you are proud of or ashamed of? What are some of the sources of disappointments, frustrations, or traumas you have experienced? What have the impacts of these been on your life? Are they preventing you from moving forward? What are some features of people you admire? What or who do you value that keeps you going?

In other words, the only change you need to make is to take a look at your life. Ask yourself a few questions and answer them - not for anybody else - answer them for you. you don't have to make any real changes right now. For more information on the first step to making changes you want to your life, check out