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Video on Overcoming Trauma

In the world we live in, trauma is right around the corner. Watching the news on a daily basis, watching violent sports or drama, or talking to almost anybody can provide stories with plenty of trauma. In these newly published videos on Overcoming Trauma, I discuss the impacts of trauma, and the difference between stress, traumatization, and PTSD. If you’ve been traumatized, you may want to avoid whoever or whatever was associated with the trauma, but you may be able to continue working. Some folks feel like they’re going crazy and can’t return to work, which can have incredible costs to individuals, families, and communities. Learning ways of coping is crucial for those who have been traumatized, and coping tools can be provided in psychological treatment. Several modes of treatment are discussed in the 2-part video on Overcoming Trauma, including Cognitive-behaviour therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, and Mindfulness. I offer all of these treatments in psychological counselling. While all these methods have the potential to reduce emotional pain, some people benefit more from one treatment mode than from others. I find greater success using these different treatments in combination as an integrated approach. For more info on this 2-part video on Overcoming Trauma, see my Resources page. There you will find links to the video and a powerpoint presentation you can scroll through alongside the talk.