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Love at First Sight with a Perfect Stranger

Ever dream of meeting a perfect stranger and being struck by lightning with “love at first sight”?  Yeah, sure.  Haven’t we all?

Let’s take it a step further…Have you ever had an experience where a stranger touched you deep down and you let them walk away without even saying a word to the person? I know I have. Once when I was a teen, I was waiting at a bus-stop and, for a split-second, I saw a very attractive girl staring at me. In the next moment, she was saying “I love you” straight to my face. I was stunned, but had no way to respond in kind. She was looking at me through a window on a bus that was not on my route and, just at that moment, was coasting quickly away from my stop. I was saddened that I hadn’t had the gumption to run after that bus, jump on, and possibly even kiss her. I still wonder what my life had been like if I had met this girl. Would we have dated? Married? Had children? Divorced? Is love at first sight something you really want to pursue? How much of the experience of that love at first sight chemistry is really a product of the opposite your brain makes of the lost opportunity to interact with that person? Is it even okay to have these sorts of memories, especially if we’re already married to someone else? What are your beliefs and boundaries about fantasies about strangers? Check out these resources for more info: