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A unique marriage proposal

I don’t discriminate between the many varieties of couples that are “out” these days. I also strongly encourage folks to use their imaginations whenever possible to create contexts in which their commitment to each other is clearly visible, at least to each other. Watching the couple in this video http://thetyee.ca/Video/2012/03/21/Hockey-Game-Proposal/?utm_source=mondayheadlines&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=260312, I was impressed how public couples can become in their creative expressions of commitment to each other and how rewarding such expressions can be. When was the last time you expressed commitment to the special someone in your life? You don’t have to propose marriage to express commitment. Reaffirming your vows, telling each other you love one another, demonstrating commitment by making caring gestures (a phone call, a flower, an email, a text, etc.), telling your partner you want to spend more time with her/him and following through on plans to do so. These are just a few examples of ways to express commitment. You don’t have to propose at a hockey game, but it worked for these two!