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Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary!

I have often noticed that couples with conflict in their relationships sometimes choose to take the time to go on a vacation together. They often return refreshed and some do so well at reconnecting that they decide they have “healed” the relationship so well that they don’t need to return to counselling.

For example, I strongly recommend celebrating your wedding anniversary, whether it be one, five, or fifty years! Marking the anniversary recognizes the special value of the relationship as well as the effort it takes to live with an intimate partner, someone who hopefully supports you through the “daily grind”. Because life at home and work can become a “grind”, being together can begin to feel stressful and kind of boring. It’s important to take “time-out” once in a while and do something new. This is somewhat like the time-outs we give our kids, only MORE FUN! Feeling more appreciated and devoted to each other are feelings commonly expressed by couples about vacationing together. Such a journey can also reinforce the importance of balance and commitment and is an opportunity to “fall in love” in a way that just isn’t possible amidst the usual “grind”.

Because my wife, Jan, and I have reached our 20th year since our wedding on May 23rd, 1992, we are celebrating by taking a well-earned cruise to Alaska. We will hopefully see some wildlife and we have never been to the beautiful shores of the Queen Charlotte Islands and the Alaska pan-handle. We will be kayaking, hiking, and enjoying each other’s company.

I won’t be available to clients this coming week, but I do look forward to letting you know how the trip went when we return.