Appreciate your partner on Mother’s Day!

This one is for anyone who has a mother as a partner. On special occasions, my wife and I have a habit of digging up old cards we have given to each other and adding to whatever has been written on it in past years. Some might think such a habit would get boring, but it doesn’t. It actually requires quite a bit of imagination. Fortunately, last night, as I was going through the stack of mom’s day cards from years gone by, I found a couple of appropriate ones. One had been used twice before and had signatures from our son (who has gone by two different names) and from our many pets, some of whom have passed on since when the card was fresh. The writing on the other card had faded out so much that it could hardly be read. It was pleasant to just think about something fresh in the moment with this carte blanche.

I think what this does is to help relive special memories in a way that buying a card from the store every time just can’t match. Then there are the home-made cards which I sent to my mother last week. I hope it arrived in time.

I know the mothers in my life appreciate my acknowledgement of their efforts as mothers, because it does take effort, time, and love. With all the trials that come from children and pets, and a special word to the adopted ones here too, mothers who mother for other mothers are to be even more appreciated. Not to exclude the importance of dads in our lives, but I know that I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my mom and my wife.