Dawson Psychological Services provides Virtual Services for Clients throughout BC

Those isolated by social anxiety and in remote locations are benefitting from recent efforts of psychologists and other mental health therapists to provide services while minimizing COVID contagion to clients they would have seen in-person prior to physical distance recommendations that began in March.

With the physical move of his office from Kelowna to Victoria and being licensed to practice psychology with clients throughout British Columbia, Dr. Dawson will continue to accept clients who live anywhere in BC who are comfortable with phone or video sessions. 

Dr. Dawson says, "I see physical distancing as an opportunity to provide services at a distance focused on human problems that arise from mental health problems that contribute to isolation and lack of mental health services". He points to the false assumption that clients with a simple desire for accessible services or with mental health conditions like social anxiety or depression necessarily need services in-person. For this reason, Dr. Dawson says he hopes to harness opportunities to provide a greater diversity of services, ironically brought into focus by a "potentially deadly little bug".  

Dr. Dawson looks forward to seeing new clients in Victoria either in-person or by video or phone.  

"I look forward to meeting you and helping you to clarify the “new normal” in your life. With psychological counselling, you can turn losses into gains. You can get a clearer picture of the patterns which get you stuck." To book an appointment, click the Book Now button in the top-right corner of the page