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Tip #1 from Free Report on 21 ways to rebuild your relationship

The first tip to grow, improve, repair, reclaim, or rebuild your relationship with your special, intimate, committed or significant other is to:

Realize that negative feelings are a part of normal and healthy relationships and you are not alone in these feelings. Because we are different, it is important to recognize that some differences are not possible to “make the same”. Just because we love someone doesn’t mean we have to change who we are for them. And it doesn’t give us the right to expect them to change who they are. In this situation, we are left with two options that can reduce arguing. First, agree to disagree on some things. Second, try to learn from the other person’s different perspective. We’re all human and we get to have our feelings and needs. The question is how we deal with what we’re dealt.Can we tolerate our differences? Can we accept them? Are we getting caught up in our differences instead of emphasizing our common ground?

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