Tools for Growing or Repairing Relationships

One of the most common things I’m asked for is tools to grow or repair relationships. Well, here they are, all in one place! They are tools for everyone because they are tools for navigating good times and hard times and we all have those!

Tools for Navigating Good Times and Hard Times:

Access Emotional Health information and improve your coping:

  • In this state-of-the-art secure website, you can journal online, measure your progress, and gather helpful information about relationship building, stress management, emotional health, physical health, parenting, and other topics.  To log on to Mental Health Pros, log . A subscription to this invaluable tool costs only $10.00 per month.

Take the Dyadic Adjustment Questionnaire:

  • Ever wondered whether you are alone in your level of satisfaction/dissatisfaction with your relationship? Using a widely-known multiple-choice questionnaire that takes approximately 5 minutes to complete, check how well you are adjusting to your relationship compared with a large group of married couples. Take this confidential questionnaire and understand better how you are coping in your present relationship and which areas need work. To learn more about your relationship, go to . A full profile costs only $15.00 flat fee.

Free Report to grow, repair, build, or reclaim your relationship with your special, intimate, or significant other

  • This Free Report contains 21 tips and exercises for improving the relationship of your choice
  • To obtain this Free Report
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