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  • Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary!
    I have often noticed that couples with conflict in their relationships sometimes choose to take the time to go on a vacation together. They often return refreshed and some do Read more
  • Is your partner “screwing around” on the Internet?
    It’s important for therapists to keep up to date. The trouble is, one indicator of the vast literature on “couple therapy” produced over 300,000 hits today.  As troublesome as it Read more
  • Appreciate your partner on Mother’s Day!
    This one is for anyone who has a mother as a partner. On special occasions, my wife and I have a habit of digging up old cards we have given Read more
  • Happy Valentine’s Day!
    What better time than Valentine’s Day to invest at least a few minutes – better yet a few hours or even the whole day – rebuilding your relationship! After a few years together, many Read more
  • Tools for Growing or Repairing Relationships
    One of the most common things I’m asked for is tools to grow or repair relationships. Well, here they are, all in one place! They are tools for everyone because Read more
  • What Blog is This?
    This blog is intended to: understand how relationships can help us live a more fulfilled life,suggest ways to improve the health, fulfilment, and emotional connection in relationships,explore difficulties that couples generally Read more
  • The Rhythm of Life (as a couple)
    The Rhythm of Coupled Life When we marry – or even if we don’t, and we still carry on as if we are – we make a commitment to someone. Usually, Read more
  • Getting stressed out?
    Couples come to me to help them improve their relationships before they get married or a few years after they’re married, or many years after they’re married. When I see Read more
  • Love at First Sight with a Perfect Stranger
    Ever dream of meeting a perfect stranger and being struck by lightning with “love at first sight”?  Yeah, sure.  Haven’t we all? Let’s take it a step further…Have you ever had Read more
  • A Cure for Trauma and Grief – Part II
    What is the cure for trauma and grief? I can try to help with that, but what each of us does with this information is our own. Step 1: Admit the Read more
  • Tip #1 from Free Report on 21 ways to rebuild your relationship
    The first tip to grow, improve, repair, reclaim, or rebuild your relationship with your special, intimate, committed or significant other is to: Realize that negative feelings are a part of normal Read more
  • A Cure for Trauma and Grief – Part III
    The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates said that “An un-examined life is not worth living”. But the failure to examine our lives doesn’t make the rest of our lives worthless. I Read more
  • More on Infidelity and How It Happens: The influence of genetics
    A study in 2010 by Justin Garcia, who was at Binghamton University/State University of New York, at the time, and is now at the Kinsey Institute, published a study stating Read more
  • Key Attitudes to Mindful Healing: Acceptance
    This video by Jon Kabat-Zinn is basic to understanding one of the 9 attitudes of mindfulness: Acceptance Acceptance is not passive resignation. Acceptance is an active recognition that things are the Read more
  • Key Mindful Attitudes: Non-judging
    Mindfulness is an active process of pay attention intentionally to what’s happening now without judging. In mindfulness meditation practice, paying attention to breathing can help us notice we are alive. Read more
  • A Love Affair with Life!~
    Imagine loving life! For some folks, unfortunately, this is almost unimaginable. Here is some general information about mindfulness-based stress-reduction, including some helpful tips and myth-busting about mindfulness. Make it part of Read more