• Tip #1 from Free Report on 21 ways to rebuild your relationship
    The first tip to grow, improve, repair, reclaim, or rebuild your relationship with your special, intimate, committed or significant other is to: Realize that negative feelings are a part of normal Read more
  • Getting stressed out?
    Couples come to me to help them improve their relationships before they get married or a few years after they’re married, or many years after they’re married. When I see Read more
  • Video on Overcoming Trauma
    In the world we live in, trauma is right around the corner. Watching the news on a daily basis, watching violent sports or drama, or talking to almost anybody can Read more
  • Being Good Enough is Perfect
    Fixation on having perfect looks, eating perfectly right, performing exactly as expected, or devoting oneself completely and always to others, is a recipe for ongoing suffering. Because people do make Read more
  • World Suicide Prevention Day
    World Suicide Prevention Day is this coming Sunday and Lifeline Canada Foundation is hosting their 3rd annual Gala Dinner at the Manteo on Saturday evening. Lifeline Canada focusses on Suicide Prevention and has Read more
  • A Love Affair with Life!~
    Imagine loving life! For some folks, unfortunately, this is almost unimaginable. Here is some general information about mindfulness-based stress-reduction, including some helpful tips and myth-busting about mindfulness. Make it part of Read more
  • Key Mindful Attitudes: Non-judging
    Mindfulness is an active process of pay attention intentionally to what’s happening now without judging. In mindfulness meditation practice, paying attention to breathing can help us notice we are alive. Read more
  • Key Attitudes to Mindful Healing: Acceptance
    This video by Jon Kabat-Zinn is basic to understanding one of the 9 attitudes of mindfulness: Acceptance Acceptance is not passive resignation. Acceptance is an active recognition that things are the Read more
  • New Resources Available
    Practically everyone has experienced some form of trauma – a perceived or real threat to self or others combined with helplessness or terror. Many wish to overcome the impacts of Read more
  • My business address will change as of April 3rd 2017
    For new clients or clients continuing with me into April, please be aware of a change of address beginning April 3rd. My new address will be: #210 – 347 Leon Avenue Kelowna, BC V1Y Read more
  • Upcoming talk about dogs is part of February Psychology Month
    As I mentioned in my latest post, February is Psychology Month. As in its previous annual campaigns, the BC Psychological Association is raising public awareness about mental health and the role psychology Read more
  • Breaking News: February is Psychology Month
    I am in the news this month speaking out on behalf of the BC Psychological Association’s “February is Psychology Month”. The first taste of media on this can be found Read more
  • Feelings are part of you
    From the work of Van Der Kock and others, the suggestion is to allow the feelings to “be there”. Feel their impact. You will not go crazy. You might feel Read more