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  • Psychological Health tips
    To make changes you want in your life takes guts! It means taking a risk that life will never be the same. The second you dive in is the same Read more
  • February 2019 is Psychology Month
    Imagine focusing entirely on your psychological health daily for an entire month! You have that opportunity this February because February is Psychology Month! To appreciate you are still sane after Read more
  • The Paradoxical Magnet of Love
    "Stand together, yet not too near together: For the pillars of the temple stand apart"- from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran Part of our psychological nature is to perceive others, especially Read more
  • Fostering is not for the money
    Fostering is not for the money. People who foster have to be ready to deal with mental health issues, lying, difficulties attaching to their new foster family, attractions you don't Read more
  • Welcoming Emotions
    Many people I visit with try to figure out their feelings, as if trying to find a final answer or a reason for these feelings. Emotions aren't set up for Read more
  • Life not what you expected?
    It can be a real struggle to move forward. We might wish to get back to normal overnight, but to heal, we need to learn from the struggle by going Read more
  • Caring for Emotional Wellness: Recognizing When You Need Help
    I am pleased to include a guest post in my blog. It's about ways to stop suicide by staying emotionally well! Read more
  • Tara Brach's Mindfulness Recordings
    Tara Brach's mindfulness recordings is the largest collection of guided meditations I have found all in one convenient place. The collection spans 9 years of her work teaching mindfulness. "Homecoming to the Read more
  • Love at First Sight with a Perfect Stranger
    Ever dream of meeting a perfect stranger and being struck by lightning with “love at first sight”?  Yeah, sure.  Haven’t we all? Let’s take it a step further…Have you ever had Read more
  • A unique marriage proposal
    I don’t discriminate between the many varieties of couples that are “out” these days. I also strongly encourage folks to use their imaginations whenever possible to create contexts in which Read more
  • A Cure for Trauma and Grief – Part II
    What is the cure for trauma and grief? I can try to help with that, but what each of us does with this information is our own. Step 1: Admit the Read more
  • More on Infidelity and How It Happens
    Dr. Shirley Glass has recently published a book called “Not Just Friends”. On her website, Glass notes: “At least one or both parties in 50 percent of all couples, married Read more
  • I will love you forever…NOT!
    Let’s get real! We all want romance, but the best we get is a temporary feeling that our love will last forever. There could be a few couples amidst the Read more
  • Sometimes Quality Time Matters
    It’s been too long since I wrote to update you all, but sometimes it happens. You get busy and communicating with those closest to you somehow becomes a lower priority. Read more
  • FREE REPORT 21 ways to improve your relationship!
    Just a friendly reminder that my report “21 Ways to Rebuild your Relationship” is available for all free! Just subscribe by entering your email in the blue box underneath my pic on Read more
  • A Cure for Trauma and Grief – Part I
    I can offer no guarantees, but for some, it is possible to cure the detrimental impacts of trauma and loss. To cure trauma and grief, emotions need be acknowledged. To Read more